Zoned out?

This is useful information not that I always pay attention.  I think it can be a gardener thing to think you’re going to be the exception to the rule.  Maybe I just like doing things the hard way.

A national hardiness zone map

The following link is to the USDA’s detailed zone mapping information.

Farmer’s Market

The publication Travel & Leisure put together a list of the 12 best Farmer’s Markets nationwide.  Now that is downright handy and/or motivating.  Not surprisingly California and the Pacific Northwest fared well.  I also now want to return to Portland, Maine not just for the beaches, strawberry picking and overindulgence in lobster but to check out their Farmer’s Market which has been in existence since 1768.  Wherever you might be located chances are there’s one near you as there are now over 5000 markets as compared to under 3000 in 2000.