Crazy Chickens 10

We know how projects with children evolve.  They initially are enthusiastic, there the two of you are together hard at work and suddenly it dawns on you, as the parent that for some time now you’ve been working on whatever the creative endeavor is in solitude.  This might be one of those times.  Henry, my son came up with the name for our flock and has expressed interest in running a small egg subscription business.  But who’s really going to be on the bicycle making deliveries?

Being on of those people who thinks visually I’m thrilled to announce that we have a label thanks to the artistic inclinations of StrangeMagee.  Take a peek.


The visual musings of StrangeMagee…

slug racing

It’s difficult to know where to begin because StrangeMagee is the only  individual I know who truly fits the definition of a renaissance man.  In my mind this coastal dweller is a biologist, botanist, landscape architect, ceramicist, videographer, designer of green dwellings for human habitation, naturific customized bicycles, lighting and a stellar, predominantly nature photographer.  On top of that a private and in my opinion modest about his talents kind of guy.  I’m certain I’m leaving something out.

amanita skating

This is a relatively new series of images, one that I love.  When Henry was much younger and into Playmobil figures I would occasionally amuse myself by setting up the inappropriate scenario (the bar fight involving excess alcohol consumption for example) then document it with my camera.

bolete grazing

day 2 of the SPILL

living in a berry patch had her always doing laundry

So I guess I have a built in thing or thang for miniatures.   The scale of these figures would make a Playmobil person appear gigantic.  If I’m recalling correctly they’re not any taller then a fingernail.  Nature as everyday tasks, everyday tasks incorporating nature, and the play on scale make it all good.

For images that roam far beyond the small set (wow, bad unintentional pun) I’m sharing you can find StrangeMagee on Flickr,  his website at or his blog  His blog is linked on my homepage with the reference to banjo playing squirrels.