Friday the 18th…

The butchering of chickens and other forms of protein happens all of the time, by individual hand and factory.  It’s an ordinariness that never loses its unease.  Picking up your protein from a local butcher does however take the edge off.

What I wonder about is, when it took two urban farmers plus one 5th grade farmhand all day to butcher, prep,  make stew and stock from two hens how anybody had time for the quilting, sewing and woodworking.  Hell, even just splitting wood for a fire seems like it would go by the wayside.

post butchering cleanup


remains of the day

Rosemary's Baby

“We all go a little mad sometime.”  Psycho

Don King lives in Richmond…

Surf Camp for Henry and three of his friends has come to a crashing halt.  It’s not due to shark sightings or a glassy ocean but the looming responsibilities (my theory) of their coach.  He’s a nice guy, thirty six with a girlfriend who’s pregnant.  In lieu of wetsuits and boards these guys have been helping out at Garden Girl Farm here and there.

The view of the highway and Chevron refinery from the deck of Garden Girl Farm

Don King

This past week Cassie’s ducks from Ideal Hatchery arrived and they were far from.  While there appear to be happy customers on their website this was not Garden Girl Farm’s experience.  She had ordered a straight run (males and females) of Peking ducks.  Out of the 20 ducklings that arrived four were deformed,  three have neurological issues (one runs in a circle), one is missing an eye and nine are crested.  We have four of the “retards” which is Henry’s unfortunate choice of word at our house as they were being picked on by their peers.

Elsewhere around the farm Sasquatch after pulling out bunches of belly fur and making a nest with the fluff gave birth to two kits.  Sadly she sat on  one of them and it died.  The remaining kit is thriving, here held by Freddy.

Baby bunny

The boys while taking a post lunch break hung around with Big Gay Al hoping he would make a turkey move on them despite the warning that they would end up scratched.  They finally got bored as he was not showing any interest in any of them.  Which reminds me, there are also a couple of turkey chicks born about a week ago (Al’s the dad)  and a new group of one day old chicks.  Just another day around the farm!

A few of the one day old chicks

Misha with Big Gay Al in the background

Goose with Big Gay Al

Episode 110…

Growing a Greener World’s latest episode featured our local Annie’s Annuals.  The overview of the nursery full of eye candy and information will get you there if you’re not already a regular.  This particular episode also features Urban Tilth a community garden in Richmond with the philosophy  of come forage.

Here is a link to Growing a Greener World’s website where you can watch the episode in entirety or check your local PBS schedule.

Also check out

Art in the Garden…

Next weekend come say “hello” and peruse the artwork of 19 other local artists in addition to my botanical imagery.  Yes, I’m happy to say I’m one of the twenty artists participating this year!  Green or brown thumb I promise, in fact guarantee that you will be inspired by Annie’s Annuals gardenista offerings and their photo worthy  gardens.  The only demo I will be doing involves lounging but it sounds like there are more active pursuits in the works.  My only concern is that it will be a tad dangerous (not to self, just checkbook) to spend a weekend there.

The best directions for finding the nursery from any direction are listed on Annie’s website which is