Artful all…

The website ’20 x 200′ offers in their own words “great artists, affordable prices, new prints every week” and sometimes that’s the truth in the context of individually being drawn to a piece.  One cup of coffee into my Saturday morning and something about this photograph speaks to me.  “Food Sign” by the photographer Bryan Schutmaat can be yours or mine  11″ x 14″ for $60.00.  That’s not paying his mortgage but I think it’s a steal for a piece of work that one might even love. ’20 x 200′ can be found at http://20× and, happy hunting.

Bring out the crime scene tape…

We lost one of our Silver Laced Wyandotte’s sometime during the night. It’s our first, but probably not last death.   I’d long ago stopped doing a head count when latching our coop as the girls truly put themselves to bed around dusk.  This was after orating on this virtuous trait of the bird yesterday to friends Jay and Anna who are going to be chicken, rabbit and dog sitting so I can leave town and regain some semblance of a sense of humor. A scattering of feathers triggered my peaking over the edge of the planter box and it was a grisly sight.  Naturally I want to share.

Thankfully I’d fortified myself with half a cup of coffee as opposed to fortified coffee before this headless discovery.  And yes, I’m keeping the feet.

The visual musings of StrangeMagee…

slug racing

It’s difficult to know where to begin because StrangeMagee is the only  individual I know who truly fits the definition of a renaissance man.  In my mind this coastal dweller is a biologist, botanist, landscape architect, ceramicist, videographer, designer of green dwellings for human habitation, naturific customized bicycles, lighting and a stellar, predominantly nature photographer.  On top of that a private and in my opinion modest about his talents kind of guy.  I’m certain I’m leaving something out.

amanita skating

This is a relatively new series of images, one that I love.  When Henry was much younger and into Playmobil figures I would occasionally amuse myself by setting up the inappropriate scenario (the bar fight involving excess alcohol consumption for example) then document it with my camera.

bolete grazing

day 2 of the SPILL

living in a berry patch had her always doing laundry

So I guess I have a built in thing or thang for miniatures.   The scale of these figures would make a Playmobil person appear gigantic.  If I’m recalling correctly they’re not any taller then a fingernail.  Nature as everyday tasks, everyday tasks incorporating nature, and the play on scale make it all good.

For images that roam far beyond the small set (wow, bad unintentional pun) I’m sharing you can find StrangeMagee on Flickr,  his website at or his blog  His blog is linked on my homepage with the reference to banjo playing squirrels.

Context, or Happy Mother’s Day to me…

con.text (kon-tekst)  the set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event, situation, etc.

Not so traditional when it comes to Mother’s Day.  I’ll skip the brunch, thank you.  Being a single parent for the past eleven years my concept of  perfection on Mother’s Day is for it to be child free, the luxury of some hours to myself.   The stars aligned this year and I headed with my friend Jennifer over to Annie’s Annuals for their Mother’s Day Tea Party.  This nursery defines going to one’s happy place.  Sadly when we arrived  the game of  musical chairs (for a gift certificate, woot!) was already in session not that this stopped us from having a wonderful and minus two tween boys afternoon.   I cannot get enough of Papavers this time of year.  The selection in my own garden are in the inky dark purple range.  While at Annie’s I took these shots of their ‘Ladybird’ Poppy, three different views if you will.  It’s sort of late to be planting but the variegated red and black is enticing.

Motor City…

Fifteen years ago I was making a monthly commute to the Cranbrook Academy of Art campus (located in Bloomfield Hills as apposed to true Detroit).  The 315 acres of campus, a lush abundance of green in the Spring and a freezing (literally) dash to the car in the Winter with its Saarinen architecture was in stark contrast to the blocks of abandoned houses one viewed from the car once off campus.  Growing up in Northern California if property was not being developed it was protected open space so there was no such thing as row after row of vacated homes.  Two photography books are being released which visually capture some of what has happened in Detroit.  This linked slideshow from The New York Review of Books features images from the New York based photographer Andrew Moore who has visually explored how nature is taking back over what we as people have walked away from.  Despite being a disappearing city Detroit which was built on farmland meaning for the most part uncontaminated soil is home to community gardens which supply food banks, farmer’s markets and restaurants with produce.