You can’t unscramble an egg. American proverb

“The mission of Lan Su Chinese Garden is to cultivate an oasis of tranquil beauty and harmony to inspire, engage and educate our global community in the appreciation of a richly authentic Chinese culture.”

That is what the website states.  It was ten minutes before the heavily carved wooden door was swung open as I joined the migration of the other,  all female, bermuda length short wearing expectant visitors, cameras in hand to the garden.  In a decade the Satyricon Nightclub ( legend has it that Kurt met Courtney there) was replaced by  mornings and greenery.  I learned this trip that the club only closed last Fall, the building slated for demolition.  Old Town used to be desolate and this particular morning felt earlier because it was only a mix of tourists and homeless individuals stirring.  This was an oasis of green, full city block, skyscrapers filtering over the top of trees, spurts of street noise patched in.

Portland's Chinese Garden

hints of the city to the left

life beyond the wall

Portland's Chinese Garden

tea for one


I admit to rarely paying much attention to the alumni magazines that show up in my mailbox semi-annualy.  Just enough time goes by between the arrival of the publication that I’ve lapsed on berating myself for not finding a cure for cancer or sending my flock of pullets to the moon.  This time I was pleased to see a feature on fellow Lewis & Clark alum who’ve stayed in the Portland area.  They are up to some creative things, many are independent business owners.  One, Melanie Nead who originally had plans to be an English professor is the owner and one of two lead artists at Icon Tattoo.  She’s a backyard chicken addict and offers a discount on any chicken related tattoo design.  I did not find any chicken ink on their site but am sharing a few other images.

Dustin Ranck's work at Icon Tattoo

Icon Tattoo’s website is

Melanie Nead's work at Icon Tattoo