Like lipstick on an Akita…

When it comes to beauty in the garden it’s truly all about the garden and not the gardener.  Especially after attempting to move five yards of topsoil before the last rain,  at least that’s the story a ‘friend’ told me.  Maybe it’s the memories of Glamour ‘do’s and don’ts’ or the popular definition of crazy  which would be doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. I’m not sure what drives the desire but I do know that I’ve always wondered who got the job of naming all those lipsticks and nail polishes.  On that note my tip for the day is dark polish on a short nail.  I’m partial to greens, browns, red in December and purples.  Recently I’ve also been drawn towards the turquoise blue that appears to be the color du jour but the purchase has not been made.  My current favorite polish is Essie’s ‘Smokin’ Hot’ a Paynes grey purple.  The bliss of a dark color is that it always hides the dirt that lingers under one’s nails.  This works for the staining that happens during the grape sorting portion of wine harvest as well.

Essie's 'Smokin' Hot' Nail Lacquer

If I were in charge and yes I often picture life that way even though more often that’s not the case I would have chosen ‘Helleborus’ as the name. ‘Smokin’ Hot’ is a bit tired.   As these blooms age (this one is showing a bit pink) there is more of a smoky purple tint.

Helleborus bloom