Pass the STRAW please…

I, much to my surprise had a heads up about a school event from Henry, my son.  STRAW or Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed have been working for the past nine years on the creek behind Miller Creek Middle School.  I tagged along with his science class this past Friday and did a bit of both digging and documenting.  There are strict school rules regarding the posting of pictures of students, every parent has to sign a release so I feel obligated to use images that feature my one and only so I won’t end up in the principal’s office.  But, I can truthfully say that all the kids were busy pulling out non native species, tagging native ones and doing some planting.

one of the restoration specialists explains the concept of a root ball

Henry at work, note to self, this does not happen in our backyard

tools of the trade

more tools of the trade

Here’s a link the The Bay Institute’s website, from there click on watershed education.

Romanesco me…

First documented in the 16th Century in Northern Italy Romanesco broccoli or cauliflower is an edible flower that lets just say has been around for some time.  Visually surreal with a short growing season and mild flavor look for it now at your farmer’s market.

I’ve got some growing in my front yard which to date the deer have left alone but I know where to get more should they choose to indulge.

Romanesco broccoli

More visuals and information in the LA Weekly blog,

It’s frisky Friday…

When Chaka Khan is released from the comforts of his cat carrier as he sleeps indoors due to a neighborly dislike of his less then gentle morning vocalizations he has consistently got the rooster’s equivalent of morning wood.  Making the assumption that the majority of my readers are over the age of eighteen I thought this worthy of being visually documented.  The hens are at best benignly indifferent, the majority which are larger than Chaka sometimes just give him a good peck on the head.

chicken porn

Without a minute to spare…

backyard eggs

















Never mind the back to the gym, eating right and other reintroduction to bad habits once those resolutions slide.  The start of the New Year was eventful in that there was a debut of eggs.  We’ve been waiting, occasionally patiently oh for about six months.   There they were, startling to see something besides a fake egg nesting in the straw.  Lifted my green pallor left over from the survival mode existence that is consistently December.

“Then he slunk to the ice box. He took the Whos’ feast, he took the who pudding, he took the roast beast. He cleaned out that ice box as quick as a flash. Why, the Grinch even took their last can of Who hash.”

How the Grinch Stole Christmas  1966


Pick it up…

It’s easy to set aside the Farmer’s Market when the weather is less than but it’s also one of my favorite times to go.  The crowds have dissipated and all those veggies that were hated as a kid are in season.

wild mushroom tart
















One of our local chefs lists a few of his favorite Ferry Building finds at  http://www.7×

The boyfriend experience…

I’m thrilled to report that I have the sort of friends who operate heavy machinery (their car) with a couple of roosters as passengers.  When Cassie stopped by earlier this week we introduced her two guys to my flock thinking we were going to see them make some magic.  Big dreams of a short nature film with a 1070’s porn soundtrack were dashed.  This rooster, the naked neck was far more interested in what edibles might be hidden in the compost pile.  The exploration took up most of his time and focus.

mr naked neck






























Big Beard, the other rooster focused on strutting his stuff for Chaca my Bantum rooster.  While amusing to see Chaca hop up and down or as the kids say “get air” due to his indignation Big Beard proved to be handsome but not all that bright.  The girls did not even get Safeway flowers.

Big Beard