Backyard boys…

Ernie and Bert


















These two, and yes I ended up with two boys are extremely bonded.  In addition they are friendly.  If I’m not paying them enough focused attention they will rush me and nibble on my pant legs.  I detected glee when they discovered this backyard water source but any rain puddle will do.

The tasty weed…

Post 4th of July weekend I went over to Peggy and Dave’s house, spent some time in their garden and shot a few images.  They bought their San Rafael home in the 1960’s and have been outside making their yard thrive ever since. Purslane often ends up pulled and tossed as a weed.  A better option for Purslane, or Portulaca oleracea is to eat it.  It’s one of the varietals intentionally found in their garden.  As a salad green, in soups or a stir fry Purslane is one of the best sources for Omega 3 fatty acids, E, C, beta carotene and is even high in protein.  Endorsed, well at least eaten as a vegetable by Native Americans prior to Colonial discovery.  All that and a pretty plant too.


Garden #3 Marin’s Eco-Friendly Garden Tour

It’s a pesticide free zone in Ginger Souders-Mason’s garden.  In fact she’s the director of  I originally met her three years ago when shooting portraits of women that were being honored by the local nonprofit Search for the Cause.  I was sharing the task of capturing this diverse group of  100 women with another photographer and Ginger was not one of my subjects otherwise you would be seeing her image here.

Her garden located in Ross is a community project with neighbors and  is all about food production and composting. Those who participate get to harvest. Her 9/10’s of an acre is hilly but she’s been creative and has a variety of beds for planting on the slopes.  I’m going to test out some of the passive methods of composting that I observed.  They appeal to the procrastinator in me.  On a couple of the slopes there was pit composting going on as in dig a hole and dump it in.  In her vegetable garden compost had been spread in a bed shape and covered with burlap.

And, there was that fabulous view of Mt. Tam.

Bay Area backyard…

Do space constraints make it impossible for you to plant this very specialized tree?  Not to worry!   I was a relatively strict vegetarian for years and years.  There were a couple of exceptions to this way of eating  which consisted of the occasional piece of crispy bacon or prosciutto wrapped melon.  Maybe prosciutto in general.  That’s what happens when you get to make the rules up as you go along.  In the last five years meat has crept, by choice back into my diet.  Marin Sun Farms is located in Pt. Reyes. They raise pasture based food, i.e. beef, chicken, lamb goat and pork.  The good news for those of you who are ready to make more of a commitment is that they have a Meat Club.  Instead of making the trek to the Farmer’s Market your box of meat will be delivered.  Check them out.