Tutti Frutti…

Lucky Peach Issue #2

Wandering Kinokuniya bookstore in theory shopping for others (tis the season) I discovered ‘Lucky Peach’ a quarterly food and writing publication.  Attractively matte, this could be pretentious second issue is a McSweeney’s collaboration with chef David Chang  (yes of Momofuko fame), writer Peter Meehan and the production company responsible for ‘Anthony Bourdain:No Reservations’.  I know this now thanks to Google the verb.

My reaction has been one of infatuation. Based on the $58.00 asking price for copies of Issue #1 listed on Amazon I’m not alone.  A subscription costs $28.00 and yes, I’m going to.   Quirky, arty, high and low food culture, food photography, recipes, commentary, and travel all with a hearty helping of humor makes for a good read, one to keep out of the recycling for the time being.  My of the moment favorite portion of the current issue is a page of artist designed ‘fruit stickers’ just waiting to be used.  I both want to hoard and share them.  Easing into the sharing thing with a visual or two, keeping the sticker for the time being.


For more about ‘Lucky Peach’  here’s a link to an article from The Atlantic.   http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2011/06/2011s-best-new-food-magazine-david-changs-lucky-peach/240804/


Little shop of horrors…

These two images, seemingly disparate are linked in my mind.  Analyze that one.

I’ve been hiding out from the midday temperatures by revisiting my carnivorous plant obsession.  That and Henry and I have joined the YMCA.  Yes, like the song.  I think I’m going to like it as apposed to the fancy pants gym whose membership I just dropped. I popped in yesterday for my ‘orientation’ which essentially was a workout lite.  While nodding my head and half listening a senior who I’m guessing was in his late 70’s clambered onto the machine next to me.  His skinny legs were incased in the requisite ribbed white knee socks, there were violently colored golf shorts and a nondescript oversized t-shirt.  “This is my favorite machine, I highly recommend it.  It’s going to give me smaller buns.”  was addressed in my direction.  All that came out of my mouth was “I’ll keep that in mind.”   On that note I really do think it’s going to work for us.

rosetted Sundew or Drosera spatulata "Frazier Island"

Henry in I believe 2004

Fractured roots…

My apple trees are currently the perfect blend of blossom and leaf.  Yeah I know I’m phrasing it like there’s an orchard out on the back forty when in fact there are all of three trees but just the same, artistic license and all there you have it.  I’m distracted having spent a quality hour with my dentist this morning. She and I we chat vacations we chat raising sons, hers is eight mine is almost thirteen.  Yet this is not fully a distraction from the focus of the visit.   I half wish the fractured root was in the back yard and not in my mouth.  Writing big checks for being in discomfort just sort of makes me cranky.

Waiting on the Helios

I am waiting with a moderate amount of patience for these heirloom yellow radish to be ready for harvest.  These are originally from Czechoslovakia but appear to respond in American fashion to my slug and snail population.  Coming across the following recipe did not help extend my window of patience.

From Bon Appetit,   http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/quick-recipes/2008/04/radish_chive_tea_sandwiches_with_sesame_and_ginger

Lime green and luscious…

This plant aka Nicotiana langsdorfii has got to be one of my favorites. Seemingly easy to grow and the bell shaped blooms are a beautiful alarming shade of lime green. I am also toying around with a new varietal that has milk chocolate hued blooms. What’s best about it is that the deer truly leave it alone which means getting to show off a bit in the front yard.