Lay off the green beans…

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I’m sure there were canned green beans way back when in my childhood.  Thanksgiving, the day of excess and thanks certainly had its share of green bean casseroles complete with the crispy onion topping right out of yet another can.  This tradition might want to be reconsidered.

The Dry Garden: Novelist Michelle Huneven’s foothill paradise

The Dry Garden: Novelist Michelle Huneven’s foothill paradise

Even before becoming knowledgeable about the water and potential chemical abyss that are lawns I  just never liked them.  No bad lawn experience as a child that needed to be dissected on a therapist’s couch, just a general dislike.  While I am just now adding Michele Huneven’s novel “Blame” to my “to read” list this description of what can happen with an outdoor space when lawn is forsaken is lovely.  The article suggests that a keen sense of awareness of her surroundings as well as hands on interaction (there’s that pesky hand watering) all contributed to what sounds like a sanctuary.