Little shop of horrors…

These two images, seemingly disparate are linked in my mind.  Analyze that one.

I’ve been hiding out from the midday temperatures by revisiting my carnivorous plant obsession.  That and Henry and I have joined the YMCA.  Yes, like the song.  I think I’m going to like it as apposed to the fancy pants gym whose membership I just dropped. I popped in yesterday for my ‘orientation’ which essentially was a workout lite.  While nodding my head and half listening a senior who I’m guessing was in his late 70’s clambered onto the machine next to me.  His skinny legs were incased in the requisite ribbed white knee socks, there were violently colored golf shorts and a nondescript oversized t-shirt.  “This is my favorite machine, I highly recommend it.  It’s going to give me smaller buns.”  was addressed in my direction.  All that came out of my mouth was “I’ll keep that in mind.”   On that note I really do think it’s going to work for us.

rosetted Sundew or Drosera spatulata "Frazier Island"

Henry in I believe 2004

Farmer Sparky…

Farmer Sparky

A huge muchas gracias to the thoughtful individual who sold Henry a couple of lighters at the Marin County Fair when he was wandering unchaperoned with friends.  One has a distinctive leaf and skull motif the other burns so strong and bright that “crack pipe” floats through my mind.  He says they are “just for show” and I’m trying to tease out exactly what that means.

Jennifer and one of the curly fur bunnies

Last night there was an impromtu garden party at my friend Cassie’s house.  Henry and I harvested potatoes from her recycled trash can potato towers which we later consumed in a delish potato salad tangy with greek yogurt.  We shared blueberries and apricots from our garden.  As it turns out, thinking ahead Henry had one of his above mentioned purchases in a pocket ready for the fireworks.  He thus earned the nickname “Sparky”  which he will be forevermore known as when at Garden Girl Farm.

our new housemates

We also came home with five (three of them one day old) chicks and I barely escaped a bunny after holding the furry bundle. They are thriving in Henry’s bedroom two of them growing larger overnight.  The one day old chicks are runts and probably would not have survived outdoors.  We are hoping to alter those odds.  The coop gets built on Tuesday so will be ready for the new residents in two to three weeks.