The Kippen House…

Who wouldn’t like to live in a house with clean lines and a modern esthetic?  Even if you can’t you’re chickens can.  Traci Fontyn an architect who was laid off from her job revamped her priorities and is now building modular coops.

Kippen House

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Coop Construction Day One

The plan

On one of the rather sweltering days this summer we started the construction of our chicken coop.  One bagel with cream cheese and an apple juice later Henry helped load up some lumber at our local Home Depot.  Much to his amusement I myself situated some of the wood on our oversized cart.  His mom can be butch when the situation calls for it.  When it came to unloading the truck and the temperature had crept up into the 90’s I heard “I’m going to Misha’s house.”

Once I completed the task of raking pea gravel the back wall was framed,  placed and posts were sunk.  This back wall is like a blank canvas.  It could be painted the primary color of my house, but why?  Henry suggested drawings of all the potential chicken predators while I thought flocked wallpaper.  If all else fails there is always bedazzling.

For once I had help on a project.  Adam (Henry’s dad) and his friend Matt showed up to measure and man up the table saw, two things that are not my particular strengths.

Done for the day

The blank canvas

Adam and Matt, note the tool belts it's official

Unloading the goods

The Taj Mahal redux…

This particular chicken coop was shown by Regina Rollin Designs and I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) fabricated by Steel Geisha Designs both of Sonoma, California. It was all pulled together at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.  Per their press materials “This garden strikes a balance between OZ and Auntie Em’s backyard.”   I just know that I’m jonesing a coop bad.  While there are wheels on this one the utilization of steel suggests to me that it’s not so lightweight.  Than again all that steel might keep Momotaro my Akita from having live chew toys.  The reality is that I’m going to build one myself with a bit of help.  For a variety of reasons (a fence that needs repair first, friend’s schedules etc.) the project will not lift off until the second week of June.  I’m still excited about it and having to wait has made me do more reading, a good thing.  I’ve moved away from being drawn to colorful eggs and more towards chickens that are described as enjoying people company.  Things like that. On a note probably only related in my mind I’m also a bit in shock that my sixth grader Henry has only a month of school left.  He’s part of the construction crew.  Had a moment of being truly grateful for public school the other day.  Let me preface the story by saying that I save my cursing for peers and work, not to the best of my ability around the boy.  Henry (his real name) comes home and describes a classroom scenario where a moderately developmentally disabled boy whom we have known since Kindergarten was being teased.  Henry said he turned around and told those kids “Shut the fuck up!”.  His teacher mentioned that perhaps he could skip dropping the “f” bomb and proceeded to give him two Panther Paws, slips of paper that signify doing a good deed.  Have to love not being called in for a conference on that one.  So yes, chickens in June.