A zen state of mind…

I’m on vacation revisiting what a state of relaxation is all about.  Henry’s got two lady friends who happen to be in the desert  Spring Breaking at the same time so is off on a shopping, lunch and swim date. This means  I’m allowed to use my very own laptop for a few minutes.  I think it’s actually been quite healthy that its been commandeered  I’ve done, with much success not much of anything besides ordering ice tea in the last hour.

What did catch my attention is that our San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a proposal regarding urban agriculture zoning that makes it easier for urban farmers not only to farm but ends the permitting nightmare for selling one’s produce.  We join, I believe Detroit and Seattle in making things less of a hassle. As someone whose name starts with an “M” who did a bit of time would say,  “It’s a good thing.”

Palm Springs

Here’s a link to an article about the zoning,  http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/04/07/EDQA1IS8CB.DTL

A Day Spent at My Happy Place…

This weekend  the Art in the Garden event at Annie’s Annuals is happening.  Friday I took my borrowed display wall, purple cafe chairs matched with an orange table over to the nursery, congratulating myself  as I drove off on the early setup.  Naturally this was after determining that I needed to overnight a few supplies for my Epson 9800 in order to catch up on printing.

Fortified with Coast Roast I had planned on stopping this morning to pick up breakfast on top of allowing myself an hour for tweaking the display.  Seemingly all of a sudden it’s after 9:00 am so I sped over to Richmond to find my booth had vanished.  Not vanished exactly, once I had my surreal moment I spied my shelving, table and chairs behind another artist’s elaborate setup.  This made me think not “What would Jesus do?” but rather “What would Cassie do?” a friend of mine.  While Cassie’s route was much more satisfying in my mind, I took the high road and with the help of a couple of the guys at the nursery relocated myself with mere minutes to spare.

Space number two at Art in the Garden

Space number two was located next to a bed that contained the most fragrant rose.  Once engaged in my artist’s demo which consisted of sitting and drinking yet another cup of coffee I cajoled the resident dog Rosie into greeting me.  She felt comfortable enough to leave a big pile of dog poop next to the magazine rack holding unframed prints while someone was looking through them.  Fragrance of another sort but once again Elayne (from Annie’s) came to my rescue.  As the sun started to break through the cloud cover I retrieved the sunscreen from my messenger bag and gave my feet a liberal misting of hairspray.  It was the right shape and size but not the correct product.  One of those slightly askew days.

There is a wonderful ceramicist also participating in Art in the Garden who drove up from Mexico, car packed with work.  I could not resist this sculptural piece which also functions as a planter.  I’m amusing myself by placing it by our hot tub and just waiting for Henry to notice.  Thanks Cathey Lopez!

The ceramic sculptural renderings of Cathey Lopez

fragrant and beautiful