Romanesco me…

First documented in the 16th Century in Northern Italy Romanesco broccoli or cauliflower is an edible flower that lets just say has been around for some time.  Visually surreal with a short growing season and mild flavor look for it now at your farmer’s market.

I’ve got some growing in my front yard which to date the deer have left alone but I know where to get more should they choose to indulge.

Romanesco broccoli

More visuals and information in the LA Weekly blog,

Shimin noen? Hai…

I’m connecting you with a blog post about the popularity of “shimin noen” or city farming in Japan.  Part of it’s due to the high number of baby boomers who are retirement age and able to shift the focus of what they are doing during the day.  It’s also is apparent that the topic of eco consumerism has had much play in the media just like right here at home.