Crazy Chickens 10

We know how projects with children evolve.  They initially are enthusiastic, there the two of you are together hard at work and suddenly it dawns on you, as the parent that for some time now you’ve been working on whatever the creative endeavor is in solitude.  This might be one of those times.  Henry, my son came up with the name for our flock and has expressed interest in running a small egg subscription business.  But who’s really going to be on the bicycle making deliveries?

Being on of those people who thinks visually I’m thrilled to announce that we have a label thanks to the artistic inclinations of StrangeMagee.  Take a peek.


Coop update….

Really, I was having fun

The awkward adolescents spent their first night in the so tight nothing will get into it chicken coop.   The coop is near my outside bedroom wall so I kept thinking I was hearing things, like things on the roof of the coop.  Glancing at Momo, my Akita as she was snoozing bedside without any “I hear something I’d like to eat.” look on her face confirmed that it was just my overactive imagination.

The finished coop pre straw and chicks

I brought the nesting boxes fabricated out of wood scraps with me to Garden Girl Farm in Richmond.  Once there Cassie’s “minions” as she terms it helped me out with some custom paint jobs.  Let me make it clear that when I get half of the word “chore” out of my mouth at home Henry has vanished.  With Cassie all I hear  is “What can we do now?”

The minions hard at work painting the exterior of our nesting boxes

An exterior view of the coop