Morning mudra…


I’m attached (not very Buddhist of me) to the morning ritual, meditation, pilgrimage, mitzvah and salutation of greeting these two with some fresh greens, a bit of hay and a rabbit feed mix that includes banana chips.  I might eat the stuff in an emergency.  It was purchased based on it’s visual appeal, in other words I thought it looked tasty.

Baby Jesus

Henry’s little brother who’s all of three is really into the rabbits and chickens, for about five minutes.  As he’s recently been introduced to parochial pre-school per his parents I’ve done a slight bit of editing as tempting as it is not to.  He knows the Baby Jesus as the Baby J.  I had a moment where I envisioned him sharing that he’s seen Jesus over the weekend at his brother’s house.  Then again, this could be an excellent source of income, the charging admission part.