Artful all…

The website ’20 x 200′ offers in their own words “great artists, affordable prices, new prints every week” and sometimes that’s the truth in the context of individually being drawn to a piece.  One cup of coffee into my Saturday morning and something about this photograph speaks to me.  “Food Sign” by the photographer Bryan Schutmaat can be yours or mine  11″ x 14″ for $60.00.  That’s not paying his mortgage but I think it’s a steal for a piece of work that one might even love. ’20 x 200′ can be found at http://20× and, happy hunting.

It’s easy to get lost…

It’s easy to get lost in the world of Etsy on a rainy Thursday morning.  What you find on the site runs the gamut from “Why didn’t I think of that?” to “What were they thinking?”.   I’m liking the shop “happyfamily” and their “Grow Your Own Food” pillow.  You can get the same graphic on a t-shirt.

from "happyfamily" on Etsy

Go directly to their shop from here,

When nature takes over…

Daniele DelNero's "After Effects"

Artist Daniele DelNero’s series “After Effects” is in essence ruin porn that would fit inside one’s residence.  These are architectural scale models constructed out of black paper which are covered with a layer of both flour and mold then left to do their thing.  Nature, she takes over quickly.  I think these pieces are quietly beautiful.

"After Effects"

More of her work can be seen on her website,

Equally of interest as I was in Detroit about once a month in the early 1990’s is what’s going on there with the historic yet abandoned buildings.  Living in Marin where every square inch is accounted for it was mind boggling to encounter blocks of abandoned housing.  Between the elements and human intervention something hard to define has been created.

Check out this interview with a few of the individuals who are documenting Detroit’s path.

Crazy Chickens 10

We know how projects with children evolve.  They initially are enthusiastic, there the two of you are together hard at work and suddenly it dawns on you, as the parent that for some time now you’ve been working on whatever the creative endeavor is in solitude.  This might be one of those times.  Henry, my son came up with the name for our flock and has expressed interest in running a small egg subscription business.  But who’s really going to be on the bicycle making deliveries?

Being on of those people who thinks visually I’m thrilled to announce that we have a label thanks to the artistic inclinations of StrangeMagee.  Take a peek.


Insects to Collect…

I love Japantown any time of the year.  Currently New People, the store has an exhibit up that is worth seeing titled “Super Kutani Insect Project.”  A style of ceramics developed in the mid 17th century in Japan Kutani is characterized by bold colors, eleborate patterns and attention to detail.  These are bugs to welcome into one’s home.  New People is also a spot to pick up gifts for those difficult to shop for. Who doesn’t like all things Japanese?  I’m already regretting not making one particular purchase so may be heading back shortly.

Etsy or Regretsy…

Cruising around on Esty can be rough on the checkbook, inspiring and sometimes cringe worthy which is where Regretsy comes in.  I’m entertained by Snew’s Shop although her masturbating dinosaur wall art did land her a spot on Regretsy.  But isn’t any publicity supposed to be good publicity?  Debatable but I’m entertained by the hybrid “Horse Cock.”   “Now you can tell people you have one and actually be telling the truth.”  states the artist.  Now that’s good marketing.

Horse Cock

All I ask is a ring a day…

The work of metalsmith Cathryn Cole

I recently in a coming at it backwards manner learned of a Flickr group where members are committed to making one ring per day for a year.  Being that it’s Flickr there is visual documentation. It’s similar to the 365 self portrait project but for metalsmiths.  Actually not exclusively metalsmiths as there are no rules other then to be creative.  This image is the work of metalsmith Kathryn Cole and gives new meaning to the phrase “going green.”  I see opportunity for seasonal planting.


I admit to rarely paying much attention to the alumni magazines that show up in my mailbox semi-annualy.  Just enough time goes by between the arrival of the publication that I’ve lapsed on berating myself for not finding a cure for cancer or sending my flock of pullets to the moon.  This time I was pleased to see a feature on fellow Lewis & Clark alum who’ve stayed in the Portland area.  They are up to some creative things, many are independent business owners.  One, Melanie Nead who originally had plans to be an English professor is the owner and one of two lead artists at Icon Tattoo.  She’s a backyard chicken addict and offers a discount on any chicken related tattoo design.  I did not find any chicken ink on their site but am sharing a few other images.

Dustin Ranck's work at Icon Tattoo

Icon Tattoo’s website is

Melanie Nead's work at Icon Tattoo

Seduce me…

Let’s face it, I could listen to Isabella Rossellini’s voice wrap itself around just about any subject matter.  It has that enticing quality about it.  As an online series of short films Rossellini is the writer,  one of the producers and the actress who explores the world of Green Porno.  Both humorous and informative if you’re over eighteen I thought we might start with the world of bees.