A Bay Area based photographer, stylist, gardener, compulsive reader and mother of  fifteen year old Henry.   Interests include but are not limited to gardening, urban farming (on all scales and incarnations), design, style over fashion,  Pilates, travel, the color orange, mid-century modern architecture,  food and wine and generally sharing my biased opinion about, but not limited to the above…

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Neighbor,

    You are probably aware of our website and our work, since we nearly share the same namesake. I’m wondering if you would be open to posting a “redirect” message on your blog/website for folks who are actually looking for our site. It seems a number of folks visiting our 501c3 website have mistakenly happened upon yours. Just wondering- I expect a fair amount of teacher traffic to the website as school gets back in session- as we are beginning to train teachers in vermicomposting techniques. You can reject my idea- I’m not trying to offend- and I enjoy visiting your site now and then.

    • Rick,
      I did discover your excellent website about a month into blogging. I appreciate you bringing the confusion to my attention, absolutely no offense taken! I’m more that happy to add a redirect message in addition to adding your site as a link. Your organization does some amazing work.


      • Hi Catherine,

        Just now visiting your site again- thanks for your response! We would love to have a link to our site. Thanks for the feedback on our work.

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