On holiday…

We’ve returned from our Winter Break in the desert, Palm Springs to be explicit. There are words and images in the works related to said adventure. But on this Wednesday evening when the only motivation for my son to appear on a semi daily basis at school is the loss of the what appears to be extremely addictive WOW, LOL and the more social Magic the Gathering and my anticipation of dental surgery in the morning which is really about not being able to have coffee in the iv it felt point on to play around with the format of this blog.  The changes are truly minor but daunting when you want to avoid the majority of what one should be focused on.  I’m not sure I like the links appearing way on down, a bit further now, on the page.  The multiple fonts, now that’s a plus.  I leave you with the look, but pleasantly not the sounds of Lawrence Welk.

2 thoughts on “On holiday…

  1. It’s funny I brought up with our small group that there are basically no two story houses even with what I’m calling “desert tuscan”, newer architecture that I’m less then fond of…

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