Wake up and smell the (McDonald’s) coffee…

Amidst being haunted by the images filtering out of U.C. Davis this week another set of visuals impacted what for some is an iconic (the reporter’s choice of word) breakfast item.  When I think iconic breakfast,  dishes like eggs benedict, joe’s scramble, or french toast come to mind.  Don’t forget the side of bacon.  However, what has  been  newsworthy is the Egg McMuffin pictured below in all of its fineness.

The Egg, or in this case Egg and Sausage McMuffin has been flooded with attention because of a video capturing  the conditions of the factory farm that supplies McDonald’s with their eggs.  These conditions are nothing like the sunlit mythical old timey farm portrayed in their commercials.  Footage which is as unappetizing as it gets was filmed with a hidden camera at one of our largest national egg producers.  You can get a glimpse of it here at this link, 20/20 Sparboe Farms.  What’s intriguing is that both McDonald’s and Target (another retailer supplied by Sparboe) have dropped the supplier and in the case of Target pulled the eggs from their ‘grocery’ section.  Given the volume of eggs needed probably another ‘farm’ where the chickens never see daylight is in the works, but hopefully one where some basic standards are met.  Or, you can just skip that Egg McMuffin.


One thought on “Wake up and smell the (McDonald’s) coffee…

  1. An egg can be the simplest and most luxurious of things. Over easy in a little olive oil, salt, pepper, a piece of toast. “Here you go. It’s hot, don’t wait for anyone…”

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