When nature takes over…

Daniele DelNero's "After Effects"

Artist Daniele DelNero’s series “After Effects” is in essence ruin porn that would fit inside one’s residence.  These are architectural scale models constructed out of black paper which are covered with a layer of both flour and mold then left to do their thing.  Nature, she takes over quickly.  I think these pieces are quietly beautiful.

"After Effects"

More of her work can be seen on her website, http://danieledelnero.com

Equally of interest as I was in Detroit about once a month in the early 1990’s is what’s going on there with the historic yet abandoned buildings.  Living in Marin where every square inch is accounted for it was mind boggling to encounter blocks of abandoned housing.  Between the elements and human intervention something hard to define has been created.

Check out this interview with a few of the individuals who are documenting Detroit’s path.

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