Pass the STRAW please…

I, much to my surprise had a heads up about a school event from Henry, my son.  STRAW or Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed have been working for the past nine years on the creek behind Miller Creek Middle School.  I tagged along with his science class this past Friday and did a bit of both digging and documenting.  There are strict school rules regarding the posting of pictures of students, every parent has to sign a release so I feel obligated to use images that feature my one and only so I won’t end up in the principal’s office.  But, I can truthfully say that all the kids were busy pulling out non native species, tagging native ones and doing some planting.

one of the restoration specialists explains the concept of a root ball

Henry at work, note to self, this does not happen in our backyard

tools of the trade

more tools of the trade

Here’s a link the The Bay Institute’s website, from there click on watershed education.

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