Know your chicken…

I’m thinking that I might have a second rooster on my hands, just a gut feeling with the help of  suggestive visuals.  If that’s the case I want a blue chick from Garden Girl Farm.  Had a chance to visit with these girls, and guy last week.


Mr. Rooster

Blue Hen

And because it’s Monday, a song for you,

5 thoughts on “Know your chicken…

  1. Some people become “the crazy cat lady”. You will be “the crazy chicken lady” if you don’t watch yourself.

    • Funny that you should mention that. In theory it will be Henry’s (but we know how that goes) but there’s a small business in the works, eggs by subscription. The graphic, or our label will be released shortly. Stay tuned for that, and a Facebook Page…

      • For a number of years, I had an egg subscription (delivered, too!). The chicken herder’s wife encouraged the delivery thing because she said it was good for him (retired teacher) to get out of the house. Delivery included a local gossip update at no extra charge…

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