The boyfriend experience…

I’m thrilled to report that I have the sort of friends who operate heavy machinery (their car) with a couple of roosters as passengers.  When Cassie stopped by earlier this week we introduced her two guys to my flock thinking we were going to see them make some magic.  Big dreams of a short nature film with a 1070’s porn soundtrack were dashed.  This rooster, the naked neck was far more interested in what edibles might be hidden in the compost pile.  The exploration took up most of his time and focus.

mr naked neck






























Big Beard, the other rooster focused on strutting his stuff for Chaca my Bantum rooster.  While amusing to see Chaca hop up and down or as the kids say “get air” due to his indignation Big Beard proved to be handsome but not all that bright.  The girls did not even get Safeway flowers.

Big Beard

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