Hat’s off to you…

Yes, the hat is cute but not a tad over $300.00 cute.  A reminder to my dysfunctional perfectionist self that I should have mastered knitting already.  Really  this image is all about the eggplant.  It used to be, not so long ago that anything edible in one’s garden was treated as an eyesore, an embarrassment relegated to the side of the yard, behind the garage sort of like the relative one is a bit reluctant to introduce.  Thankfully times have changed.  We’ve had eggplants growing in the front yard and I’m not above multitasking i.e. grabbing a few off the vine while simultaneously hopping in the car, belting up and driving off.  One rode around with us for several days bringing yes the illegal eggplant calls while driving, amplification of singing along to the iPod and as I am the driver for  a 13 year old boy the inevitable penis humor.

The gardener and author Rosalind Creasy was ahead of her time in creating edible landscapes.  For inspiration check out her book.  There was also recently and article about her in the SF Chronicle.  It’s link is, http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/11/03/DDTM1FT85H.DTL

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