The hen that wasn’t…


Sometimes one’s hens turn out to be roosters.  This particular as it turns out rooster is a feather footed Bantam from Garden Girl Farm and one of my favorite chickens.  Better than television and does not too strenuously object to being handled.  He struts along the top of the fence despite a wing clipping, puffs himself up with pride and is working on a crow that sounds like a broken noisemaker. He’s handsome too with those black iridescent  feathers following up the ginger.  Ironically I chatted up my love of this chicken to a friend, took these photos and then received a phone message inquiring as to “my plans” for Chaca aka Napoleon from a neighbor whose daughters are being woken up on the weekends.  I’m not thinking she means a cruise for him but hope that we can work something out, aside from me sleeping with a chicken on the weekends.


2 thoughts on “The hen that wasn’t…

  1. He is, indeed, a handsome fellow!

    I had a Bantam rooster wander into my garage some years back and he took up residence for a while. I liked him, the kids thought he was cool (they named him Grineron, or something similarly weird), but the neighbors were a little less pleased. One day he was just gone…

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