Be a drip…

replaced valves

In the midst of our heatwave Gardengirl attired in a sundress braved the elements and replaced two broken valves on my drip system.  What I learned is that for one thing I’m out of practice with the hand watering of an entire yard.  I’m also now versed in PVC piping and the accompanying purple primer and glue.  That stuff’ is not organic, could feel the brain cells dying off one by one as the fumes wafted up.   Impersonating someone who knew what they were doing and needed at the irrigation store was fun too.  As the years have gone by I’ve slowly turned into my father with the water conservation and the “Turn off the light if you’re not in the room.” thing.  That said I turned the system on in the middle of the day, twice.  I thank you and the plants thank you.

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