Food for compost…

I usually out of habit skim letters to the editor in the same way that I always check on the obituaries.  My copy (and free it is) of Marin Magazine was waiting for me in my mailbox.  September’s issue had one letter in particular that caught my fancy, and the skim became a read.

“I read with interest Jim Wood’s August POV regarding food waste composting laws passed by Marin’s government that tell citizens how to live their lives.  It is a stupid law, one that takes us backwards.  So no more garbage disposals, right?  Instead, we take our buckets of uneaten, unpleasant food we could easily get rid of down this marvelous invention and put them into the compost pile.  Let’s see how many rodens and other animals we can attract with this practice.  Don’t you leftist people ever give up?  Of course we are doing this for the billions-of-years-old planet that just can’t get along without our “taking care” of it.”

The Editor’s note replied with, “Food waste composting is strictly a voluntary program in several southern Marin communities.  It is not a law, there are no fines for noncompliance.”

The author of this letter must be thankful she’s a resident of Sonoma County and not subject to the communist plot that is composting.  Who knew?

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