Shimin noen? Hai…

I’m connecting you with a blog post about the popularity of “shimin noen” or city farming in Japan.  Part of it’s due to the high number of baby boomers who are retirement age and able to shift the focus of what they are doing during the day.  It’s also is apparent that the topic of eco consumerism has had much play in the media just like right here at home.

3 thoughts on “Shimin noen? Hai…

  1. Hello
    I just discovered your blog. I am a fellow online gardener

    I live in japan and that post is true here in japan there is a lot of city farming. But i don’t think it is just because of the generation, from what i see it has to do more with the culture of the people.

    Hope we can become online garden neighbors
    see you around

    • Thanks for checking out the blog! In full agreement and now wish that I’d brought up the cultural factor. Had been thinking about it from a visual standpoint i.e. how the garden layouts were presented but it’s more pervasive than that…

      • All those little farms are very fun to watch, in the article they have mostly this nicely set up farms, but here in japan you find people grow things on every little extra terrain they can get.

        I’ve seen many in triangles of soil that the rail left without construction, and even more on little planters outside houses on the street (other of the things that amaze me about japan, nobody mess with those plants) I have seen this kind of culture of having plants everywhere in other countries, but here in japan is special because they pay so much attention to detail. Their mini farms always stand out.

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