Richmond hookup…

Sasquatch, Don King and Baby Jesus

Hooked up with this menage a trois at Garden Girl Farm and they came home with me last night.  Sasquatch is a lovely rabbit as is her offspring Baby Jesus who is looking like a boy as we were checking out his bits while he calmly gave us his “whatever” look.   Don King, part of the mess of a duck shipment has issues and is being picked on by his flock so is joining our flock of four  less than able ducks.  Cassie loves these two bunnies but is going to be focusing on raising an uber form of rabbit hence the move.  Big Daddy, a handsome black male will be joining us as well so Baby Jesus could be joined by siblings.  Two required classes in my Catholic all girls High School aka San Domenico were “Old Testament” followed the next year by not surprisingly “New Testament”.  I bring this up only because I’m going to have to utilize some creative license in the lineage not that my recall of either classes material is spectacular.

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