Your best friend in peas and corn…

Only the Marlboro Man and Ronald McDonald are more recognized by consumers than this advertising icon.  First appearing in 1928, with the first commercial airing in 1953 the puppet that was used at the time was deemed too scary and the format was shifted to animation.  Named after an extra large pea variety we are talking about the Jolly Green Giant.  His sidekick Sprout, think Batman and Robin did not appear until 1973.

If you’re road tripping there’s always the option of stopping in Blue Earth, Minnesota where the 55′ tall fiberglass statue of the Jolly Green Giant can be found.  Holiday season?  A red scarf will be artfully draped around his neck.  I’ll take the giant green guy, but only if he helps out with yard work.  As a food source, not so much.

The Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth, Minnesota

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