Coop Construction Day One

The plan

On one of the rather sweltering days this summer we started the construction of our chicken coop.  One bagel with cream cheese and an apple juice later Henry helped load up some lumber at our local Home Depot.  Much to his amusement I myself situated some of the wood on our oversized cart.  His mom can be butch when the situation calls for it.  When it came to unloading the truck and the temperature had crept up into the 90’s I heard “I’m going to Misha’s house.”

Once I completed the task of raking pea gravel the back wall was framed,  placed and posts were sunk.  This back wall is like a blank canvas.  It could be painted the primary color of my house, but why?  Henry suggested drawings of all the potential chicken predators while I thought flocked wallpaper.  If all else fails there is always bedazzling.

For once I had help on a project.  Adam (Henry’s dad) and his friend Matt showed up to measure and man up the table saw, two things that are not my particular strengths.

Done for the day

The blank canvas

Adam and Matt, note the tool belts it's official

Unloading the goods

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