The Beekman Boys…

While womanning my booth at Art in the Garden this past weekend I had a chance to finish “The Bucolic Plague” written by Josh Kilmer-Purcell.  The Beekman Boys or Josh and Brent have branding down to a fine art.  There’s the book, the goat milk products, the blog and the reality show. I’m both impressed and probably envious.  I agree with the NY Times review (see below) that what could have been relatively dull material has been handspun into laugh out loud moments of farm folly.

“I adore the Beekman Boys’ story.  Their unlikely story of love, the land, and a herd of goats is hilariously honest.  If these two can go from Manhattan to a goat farm in upstate New York, then I can’t help feeling there is hope for all of us.”     Alice Waters

“I gobbled up this book like…well…like goat cheese on a cracker.  Kilmer-Purcell’s genius likes in his ability to blindside the reader with heart-wrenching truths in the midst of the most outlandish scenarios.  He makes you laugh until you care.”     Armistead Maupin

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