Urban toxic waste…

Image courtesy of the Slow Foods USA Newsletter

Not urban farming but an example of what passes for lunch in our schools.  By “our schools” I have to point out that this particularly unappetizing image was shot right here in California.  This combo platter escapes having to contain any nutritional value by not being in the lunch line but to the side of it.   Yet, it’s purchased by students with a shorter lunch period and well, eaten for lunch.  I don’t understand the appeal of “Flaming Hot Cheetos” or as Henry likes to call them “flamers” yet know they are a big seller with or without cheese.  I suppose I’m not advocating a ban, just a side serving of common sense.  This is not lunch at any age.

The following is the link to the Slow Foods USA article.


2 thoughts on “Urban toxic waste…

  1. Oh my! Are we talking about a Cheetos version of nachos? My daughter Caroline’s gig with the HealthCorps in Brooklyn is up as of this month and she’s been thinking that Oakland school kids could use such a program (which they don’t currently have), but now I’m wondering “Who couldn’t?” By the way, she’s looking for a job…

  2. Just remembered a comment delivered at an olive oil production short course some years ago. The presenter made the point that humans seem to respond to fat of various sorts in a way which is hard to resist; kind of like the umami taste. We just need to steer our kids toward the right kind of fat…

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