Hello Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden…

Ginger shot at the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, Big Island

The vacation felt more like a waking dream until I printed out the boarding pass for my early morning flight to Kona.  It’s going to be an adventure, one that does not include for the first time in thirteen years the company of Henry, my son.  I missed him as soon as he took off for his father’s house this afternoon but I know I’m going to be just fine, better than fine.  I’m planning on catching up on some photography that does not happen when all day is designated for boogie boarding.

One of my favorite spots, well mine and a large number of senior citizens judging from my last visit is the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden.  This seventeen acre property was a private garden for a number of years but now everyone can enjoy its beauty.

Catch up with you in a week.


4 thoughts on “Hello Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden…

    • Thank you! I can’t wait to get over to the other side of the island. Probably will happen tomorrow or Monday when I need a break from the sun…

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