Garden Girl Farm

Black Hollyhock

I’ve been immersed recently shooting images for Garden Girl Farm, an urban farm located in Pt. Richmond with an expansive view of the Chevron facility and the other day a well attired woman walking on the freeway.  Cassie, the farmer behind Garden Girl Farm has chickens, turkeys, rabbits and assorted produce.  A recent trek to the local market found the butcher hard at work trying to get her phone number.  She mentioned that she was married and noted to herself that he was probably too young, the braces on his teeth being the giveaway.  She however took his phone number as she wants assistance butchering her current crop of bunnies.

I planted my Victorianesque Black Hollyhocks late this year so they need more time in the ground before I see any action.  Garden Girl’s however are prolific.

3 thoughts on “Garden Girl Farm

    • For sure the French! I probably should not have used the word “bunny”. Just had a conversation with a friend, chicken versus bunny. While I think I could butcher a chicken perhaps because they are closer in species and with those soulful eyes I don’t think I could handle taking out a rabbit. If it showed up on my plate at a restaurant, that’s probably a different story…

    • Garden girl farm butchers chickens and rabbits we are looking forwardto turkey this November! We love all of our rabbits until the BIG day. They know only love, good food and garden greens until they provide us with a slow food meal. We waste nothing. I use the feet and tan their hides. I am proud to say I am a slow food farmer. Check us out on word press Garden girl farm. You rock Cathrine.

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