Creeping Fuchsia…

Fuchsia procumbens "Creeping Fuchsia"

I think of the Fuchsia as an old fashioned garden staple.  My Grandma who ran a dairy ranch and taught me how to bake and crocket had Fuchsia blooming in her garden around the house. Her veggie garden was in a portion of a plowed field. My “city” Granny  I read the National Inquirer with also catching the Phil Donohue Show unless she deemed the topic too racy for my 6th grade sensibilities.  She was also the purchaser of the forbidden platform shoes and a Fuchsia cultivator.

This particular varietal, a native of New Zealand is subtle. It would be easy to overlook, walk right on by this containered plant due to scale.  The bloom is about 1/2 an inch tall but powerfully hued down to the blue pollen. I’m waiting for the small red fruit that is supposed to be edible.  It’s the postmodern Fuchsia for me.

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