Guerilla gardening the COMMONStudio way…

How clever is this?  Los Angeles based COMMONStudio has taken old gumball machines and  refurbished them to distribute seedbombs.  Their logo, a play on the literal features a leafed grenade.  I first ran across the notion of “seedbombs” when reading about guerilla gardening practices in London.   COMMONStudio’s “seedbombs” are made up of seeds selected for the region the machine will reside in, clay and compost.  The purpose of these compact balls is the beautification of usually abandoned urban sites. Tossed over that chainlink fence the balls break down and work their magic.  If I had a retail establishment there would be a lineup of these gumball machines out front. What a brilliant concept and certainly repurposing at it’s best.

At COMMONStudios website which is there is a video clip featuring the two designers discussing their project.

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