The Fava bean…

Fava beans on a turn of the century vintage plate with a circus theme

I’m already planning on getting my Fava’s in the ground earlier next year.  This is a small visual sampling of the crop I’m just now picking.  Eating Fava beans reminds me of eating Dungeness crab, there’s work involved.  The skin is super tough, basically not edible. That and once the beans are out of their pod they must be peeled.  They are easiest peeled once blanched.

I like mashing Fava’s with a little bit of olive oil, mint (or whatever might be found in the herb garden) a touch of lemon peel, salt and pepper.  Eaten as a side or spread on some crusty bread either way it’s all good.

NPR has an older but interesting article on the history of the Fava.  That link is

Fava beans also entered our consciousness with this quote.

“A census taker once tried to test me.  I ate his liver with some Fava beans and a nice Chianti.”  Silence of the Lambs  1991

One thought on “The Fava bean…

  1. Throw the whole pods on a fire for a minute or two and you can (or at least I can) eat them straight out of the shell. I also like them straight out of the garden. Their slight bitterness feels invigorating to me…

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