Topsy Turvy trends…

Upside down plants, the trend is still hanging on so to speak.  Not only are the infomercials going strong the New York Times had a recent article about the upside down vegetable garden.  According to this article over 20 million of these planters have been sold since its invention in 2005.  It seems like one of those things you either love or hate.  I’ve not tried this technique myself and my friend’s critique of the product having tried it last year in her backyard with tomato plants was something along the lines of  “They are crap.”   Should you not be a name brand gardener there are plenty of how to videos posted on YouTube utilizing soda bottles and buckets.  Given that I’ve thought about putting planting beds on the roof of my house I’m going to stay neutral on this topic.

One thought on “Topsy Turvy trends…

  1. I know that Marcy didn’t consider these the greatest success for her cherry tomatoes. Maybe she thought they weren’t very productive because, on a couple of occasions when she was out of town and I was watering them, I ate what was in front of me…

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