Calla Lilly 1984…

Calla Lilly 1984

On May 20th in London Sotheby’s auctioned off  “Calla Lilly”, one of Robert Mapplethorpe’s iconic images.  I was lucky enough to be gifted by my brother several birthdays ago the literally weighty, falling into the category of coffee table book “Mapplethorpe The Complete Flowers.”  It’s one of those things that I would have perused in a bookstore but probably not purchased for myself so yes happy that it’s on my bookshelf.  There was much speculation online about the image “Calla Lilly” meeting and or exceeding the auction reserve.  The image is silver printed and edition 2/10.  It measures 15 2/8 x 15 1/4 inches not feet.  Well, Lot #60 went for 103,250.00 pounds or 148,194.70 usd exceeding all expectations.

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