Garden #2 Marin’s Eco-Friendy Garden Tour…

garden overview looking out towards the street

What was magical about this second stop on the tour was stepping off of one of the most traffic burdened streets in Fairfax through a non pretentious gate and into this oasis of calm.  Three years ago this space was all lawn. Before I started up the inner critique of my ten year conversion of salt & pepper rock to my present garden it should be noted that I read the fine print and the owner of this property is a professional landscape designer.

rooftop runoff pond, home to mosquito fish

This garden utilizes both a rainwater diversion system and a greywater system which the owner alternates for watering his plants.  When asking questions about the greywater system I could not help recalling that in the late 1970’s when Marin was experiencing a drought my father rigged up a grey water system that flowed from the garage into a big galvanized tank.  At the time I looked at it like one of his many freak show projects that involved chores for me and was a source of embarrassment when friends came over and made inquiries.  Coming full circle I now want to investigate the possibility for my own home.  Good thing Henry already has a therapist!

the girls

This was the only home on the tour that had a chicken coop. During the day the chickens are free range as the owner’s dog herds them versus eating them. I like that table grapes had been planted against the coop which when more mature will supply some additional shade for the girls.  Some of the hardscape material used were from Urban Ore i.e. reclaimed and on their second life.

veggie beds

Nice veggie beds and plenty of selections for the bees like Bee Balm, Yarrow and Lavender.

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