Peach leaf curl…

A damp cool spring, why yes it has been.  I treat my yard as a spray free zone and while there appears to be a bounty of fruit on my peach tree there also is what resembles the poison oak of the peach world or leaf curl. Behind the lens I find it beautiful in its own way.  I’ve removed the leaves that are diseased but understand that the tree may be stressed because of the task ahead, growing new leaves.  Who isn’t trying to reduce stress in their lives these days?

3 thoughts on “Peach leaf curl…

  1. Will need to do a bit of that but started with removing the diseased leaves one by one…

  2. ‘Tis a lucky peach tree to receive such meticulous care! But it is a great example of how you can avoid the use of pesticides with just a bit of attention, hand work and, basically, the willingness to take a smaller crop…

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