The chicken renaissance…

I really should but I’ve yet to return a friend’s June/July issue of  “Organic Gardening” magazine.  In preparation for my own backyard flock I’m doing as much reading as possible on this currently popular topic.  Sadly there is no online link to the article appropriately titled “Coming Home to Roost”  or the amazing chicken portraiture by photography Matthew Benson.  Beg, borrow but can’t really endorse steal yourself a copy.

2 thoughts on “The chicken renaissance…

    • So true that there is much to think about. It’s been good that I’ve known I had to wait a month or two because I’ve been able to borrow books on the topic (friends and library) as well as visit some local backyard girls and their coops. Online has been a wealth of information in addition. I’ve spoken with my neighbors about the project (who have two elementary age girls) and they are excited and on board with my project so the second week of June it’s a go!

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