Is a subterranean lifestyle for you?

Who can say that they were born in the town of Graefenroda?   Apparently gnomes are able to make that claim.  This cage dancer of a gnome was spotted at Annie’s Annuals, just one of the quirky details that makes that place intriguing.  I am partial to the mythical creatures myself, what’s not to like about someone who goes around doing the random good deed without drawing attention to themselves.  What’s difficult in finding gnomes is the good design factor.  I know I don’t want a tacky gnome hanging around.  But, there’s just not much out there that I’m aware of.

Philippe Stark designed a series of gnome side tables in 2000 that I still find entertaining.These tables will set you back around $300.00.  That’s a commitment.  I also can’t help wondering if the black one is the gnome equivalent of the distasteful lawn jockey.  The gold lame or Liberace version (my words not Philippe Starks) also has its appeal.

Almost conceptual in nature are the urban gnomes designed by the British (prices were in pounds) company Vitamin.  I see stark minimalist landscaping with these guys which is not my style but appreciated when viewed.

Disclaimer: The only gnome image that I shot is the one found at Annie’s Annuals.

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