Context, or Happy Mother’s Day to me…

con.text (kon-tekst)  the set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event, situation, etc.

Not so traditional when it comes to Mother’s Day.  I’ll skip the brunch, thank you.  Being a single parent for the past eleven years my concept of  perfection on Mother’s Day is for it to be child free, the luxury of some hours to myself.   The stars aligned this year and I headed with my friend Jennifer over to Annie’s Annuals for their Mother’s Day Tea Party.  This nursery defines going to one’s happy place.  Sadly when we arrived  the game of  musical chairs (for a gift certificate, woot!) was already in session not that this stopped us from having a wonderful and minus two tween boys afternoon.   I cannot get enough of Papavers this time of year.  The selection in my own garden are in the inky dark purple range.  While at Annie’s I took these shots of their ‘Ladybird’ Poppy, three different views if you will.  It’s sort of late to be planting but the variegated red and black is enticing.

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