Fractured roots…

My apple trees are currently the perfect blend of blossom and leaf.  Yeah I know I’m phrasing it like there’s an orchard out on the back forty when in fact there are all of three trees but just the same, artistic license and all there you have it.  I’m distracted having spent a quality hour with my dentist this morning. She and I we chat vacations we chat raising sons, hers is eight mine is almost thirteen.  Yet this is not fully a distraction from the focus of the visit.   I half wish the fractured root was in the back yard and not in my mouth.  Writing big checks for being in discomfort just sort of makes me cranky.

2 thoughts on “Fractured roots…

  1. That is a stunningly beautiful photograph! I think apple blossoms are among the most under appreciated of blooms.

    Boo! on the fractured root…

  2. I think there is so much focus on the cherry blossom that the apple does not receive the credit it deserves…

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