Motor City…

Fifteen years ago I was making a monthly commute to the Cranbrook Academy of Art campus (located in Bloomfield Hills as apposed to true Detroit).  The 315 acres of campus, a lush abundance of green in the Spring and a freezing (literally) dash to the car in the Winter with its Saarinen architecture was in stark contrast to the blocks of abandoned houses one viewed from the car once off campus.  Growing up in Northern California if property was not being developed it was protected open space so there was no such thing as row after row of vacated homes.  Two photography books are being released which visually capture some of what has happened in Detroit.  This linked slideshow from The New York Review of Books features images from the New York based photographer Andrew Moore who has visually explored how nature is taking back over what we as people have walked away from.  Despite being a disappearing city Detroit which was built on farmland meaning for the most part uncontaminated soil is home to community gardens which supply food banks, farmer’s markets and restaurants with produce.

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