No compromise…

I’ve certainly sat through my share of painful visual critiques so can imagine that having one’s dish deconstructed for an hour could potentially be less than fun.  Apparently Julie Child suggested she lighten up about the provenance of chicken.  Yet,  I think one has to admire the clarity of Alice Water’s vision and commitment.  Does she yank your chain?,0,4708398.story

One thought on “No compromise…

  1. I am chuckling just a bit as I recall visiting the just-opened Chez Panisse Cafe with Darrell Corti when I worked for him (Darrell and Ms. Waters are friends and we used to supply Chez Panisse with olive oil – though not local!). She sat at our table as Darrell critiqued the plate of Risi e Bisi in front of him: “There is no liason between the rice and the peas.” She may rankle some but she has done nothing but good for the world of food in America.

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