CropLife America, the name sounds so friendly…

How Obama Sold the Farm – Food – The Atlantic.

Chief Agricultural Negotiator, now that’s quite a job title. The recent Obama appointment of Siddiqui who formerly was a lobbyist  as well as vice president for CropLife America is disturbing.  When Michelle Obama planted the organic “victory”  garden outside the White House kitchen with the aid of photogenic school children CropLife led the protest at that outrageous act instigated by the First Lady.  When one has been actively promoting genetically modified crops naturally ( bad pun intended) nurtured with pesticides I would guess sustainable agricultural practices might be a leap.  It’s a good article in the Atlantic, check it out…

2 thoughts on “CropLife America, the name sounds so friendly…

  1. This and the off-shore drilling thing have caused me to injure the heel of my hand by smacking it repeatedly against my too-hard forehead…

  2. Oh, and “CropLife America” is one of those stupid fucking names that reminds me of “Clear Skies Initiative” and other through-the-looking-glass type crap…

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